With an atmosphere of hope, love and acceptance, we grow in our relationship with the Lord and learn to live out our faith in Him.

Join us for a time of worship, prayer, teaching from the Bible and fellowship.

Discipleship groups and classes are the means through which we get to know one another and grow spiritually together.

Worship Time and Location

October 2023 Schedule

October 1 – via Zoom

October 8 – in person service @ KUPU Center 9:30am.  Partnering with Voyager Church for a time of worship, word and communion via Ku’i Kalo

October 15  via Zoom.  Explicit Movement will be sharing the amazing work they are doing in Hawaii and around the world.

October 22 – Ala Moana Park Outreach

October 28 Saturday – 5th Sunday on Saturday gathering.  More info will be provided.

Email lifespringchurch808@gmail.com for more information and zoom link or call 808-351-6645.


Sermon Samplings